Sugar Scrub a Dub – Duh

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Did you know that those micro beads you use for your facial exfoliator DON’T DISSOLVE?

They are actually little bits of plastic used to scrub the skin, but then go right down the drain into our water and harm the wildlife and environment that water comes into contact with. Congress actually put a ban on the microbeads in January 2016 because they are detrimental to the environment. They are so small that water treatment systems aren’t able to filter them out, and they end up clogging lakes and streams. In 2015 there were 1,500 to 1.1 million microbeads per square mile found in the Great Lakes- the world’s largest source of freshwater.


Not only does this harm our actual water- but the wildlife that swim in it! When we eat the fish that are accidentally consuming these microbeads, we are also harmed by their effects. We’re eating the plastic that we used to wash our face a few days ago? Not okay.

SO. Let’s Switch to Safer!

Sugar Scrubs! Yes- sugar- the sweetness to your favorite cake or cookie. There are actually 11 different types of sugar! So if you have more sensitive skin you can use granulated white sugar, or light brown sugar for those who like a tougher scrub. Sugar is biodegradable, so it dissolves right back into the water and supports the environment instead of damaging it.

To make a sugar scrub, just grab a mason jar or old jelly jar, choose a sugar, V-6 Oil (or almond oil) and add some Young Living Essential Oils! My favorite is our Stress Away sugar scrub- with tropical and relaxing aromas it’s the perfect way to start or end the day.

The sugar naturally exfoliates the dead skin away, the V6 oil pulls the bad oils out (because oil attracts oil) and your face is splashed with the refreshing and rejuvenating aroma of Stress Away, leaving your skin feeling smooth and clean. I also made a Peppermint and Lavender sugar scrub for sunburn! Using the brown sugar, (which has bigger granules) I scrubbed the peeling skin right off my shoulders leaving them moisturized and soft.

And Yes! You can make it all YOURSELF. More money in your pocket for some summertime fun.

Find out more info on how to Switch to Safer- using Young Living Essential Oils in our daily lives! Check the ‘Essential Oils’ tab for upcoming events!


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