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Workshop Schedule

Workshops are typically longer classes in order to go into more depth for the specific topic. They are meant to broaden your perspective of everyday wellness while being educational, informative, and fun! We host a variety of workshops each month. They are usually held on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays.  If interested, sign up below!

Date/Time Workshops Teacher
January 8-31 Join us for our 24 Day Yoga Challenge!

How it works:
There are no extra costs to enter this FREE 24 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE! January 8th-31st
Option 1: Use your current unlimited monthly package, or your class package for the 24 days.
Option 2: Purchase an $89 one month unlimited for the 24 days. We will add one month to the end of expiration if you have a current 10 or 20 class package and will not use it during the challenge.
Option 3: Student Discount! All College or High School students who elect to do the challenge can do it for just $69 for the 24 Days. Valid student ID required at purchase.

There will be a Poster board of the 24 Day Yoga Challenge at the studio and a space with your name on it. It is your responsibility to get a sticker from the front desk and place it next to your name for each time you attend class. Honor code is appreciated!!

You must practice yoga 24 times in 24 days.
You may take ANY class.
You may take two classes in one day.
You are allotted 2 home practices with evidence of the practice- tag us on facebook or instagram with #BY24dayYogaChallenge or @beaconyoganj or bring in a picture of you in a yoga pose to the studio.

At the completion of the challenge you will receive:
An exclusive Purple Beacon Yoga T-Shirt.
1 raffle entered to win a new Apeiron Yoga Mat ($97 value) and 1 month of YOGA ($99 value)
(Winner will be randomly chosen after the 4:30pm class on Friday the 31st).

There will be a sign up sheet at the front desk where you will enter your name and T-shirt size. Please sign up by January 5th.

You will also receive a positive change with your yoga practice in strength, flexibility and mindfulness, AND an amazing accomplishment to start 2020 and the new decade!

We are so excited to share this experience with you!!

You may also be interested in the Juice Beach 3 Day Juice Cleanse during this challenge.

Juice Beach has formulated the perfect 3 day juice cleanse consisting of 3 protein (plant based) shakes and 3 cold pressed juices per day. This cleanse is for anyone looking to change up their eating habits, lose those sugar cravings, give your digestive system a break, gain more energy, and have more awareness for what we put in our bodies! Call or order online to place your order, let them know you’re a part of our Beacon Yoga Tribe, and pick it up at our studio on January 12th .Cleanse starts Monday, January 13th to Wednesday January 15th. Place your order today!
call 833-JUICE-ME

Friday, January 10th
Explore Your Resilient Core with Dina Crosta
What if we start with the premise that your core by its nature is functional, capable and already supporting you? Please join Dina through an embodied movement practice and get curious about what it means to feel somatically connected to our core. In this 2 hour practice we will be moving all around our mats, the room and playing with different kinds of props to enhance and educate ourselves in a fun and interactive way.

2 Part Series
Part 1 -Friday January 10th 6:30-8:30pm “Explore Your Resilient Core” $30
Part 2  -Friday Feb 7th 6:30-8:30pm “Rock Squat and Roll”$30
get $10 off when you sign up for Both of Dina’s Workshops
Parts 1 & 2 = $50 “Explore Core Rock & Roll”
All Sales Final No Refunds for Cancellations or No Shows
Dina Crosta
Friday, January 17th

New Year New You , TRUER YOU

Have you started to think about your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you thought about what healthy changes you can make in your life? And if so, how that will affect your family and their healthy choices? Do you feel an intuitive need for more Self Care?
Everyone struggles with Self-Care right? How good would you feel if you could practice Self-care and get amazing results if it’s as easy as just laying your hands over your heart, or your back or your legs? It would literally take as long as 5 min ( after hitting that snooze button) or as long as your intuition states.
The best part is not only will you feel good, you can make others feel good as well. You can easily share this gift with your family and loved ones ( even fur babies). You can fill yourself back up with the loving energy of the universe and be a wellspring of light to share with others.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Reiki.
This workshop will offer students:
Understanding of What Is Reiki and the Health Benefits of Reiki
Clearing Stagnant Energy ( also accumulated energy left over from the Holidays)
Hands -On Healing
Meditations and Techniques
Mantras and Symbols
Reiju Blessing
Utilizing these Reiki tools will help you discover a path to inner Peace, Harmony, and Balance AND will act as a catalyst for your own Personal Development!

Offered by Grace Conte, Certified Reiki Master
2 hour workshop
Wear comfortable clothing
All Sales Final. No Refunds for Cancellations or No Shows.

Grace Conte, Through The Eyes Of Grace, LLC
B.S./M.S. in Education | Spiritual Director | Reiki Master
Program Facilitator of Spirituality & Holistic Health Workshops

Grace Conte
Friday, January 24th


Angelic Healing Circle with Rose

Join us as Rose hosts us in a healing circle with the miraculous power of the archangels. In this meditative workshop, you will be introduced to beautiful essential oils to help lift the energy in the room and to help lift your own vibration. Rose guides you into a heart opening relaxation visualization meditation as she calls in the archangels and introduces you to their unique healing powers. You will leave feeling grounded, healed, well rested, energized and with a written positive affirmation and angel card reading.

*There is no religious connotation to this workshop, all religions  welcome.
$30 per person ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY or call Gina @ 732-598-7368 to reserve you spot
All Sales Final. No refunds for cancellations or No shows
Rose Vitucci