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Workshop Schedule

Workshops are typically longer classes in order to go into more depth for the specific topic. They are meant to broaden your perspective of everyday wellness while being educational, informative, and fun! We host a variety of workshops each month. They are usually held on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays.  If interested, sign up below!

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Sunday, December 8th
Who DOESN’T need to be grounded and balanced before the craziness of the Holidays? Take care of YOU so you can do all the things on your to-do list!
Join Carmela in this pre-holiday meditation workshop using Bija mantras ( repetitive sequence of words) designed to balance your chakras, rejuvenate your body and generate a calm and peaceful mind.
Sage, pranayama ( breath work) and Bija mantras will be included.
Each Bija mantra is believed to vibrate with the energy of its associated chakra and can help remove stagnant and blocked energy making room for positive energy which can enhance healing and relaxation.
This Meditation will help you to move forward into the holiday season with love, patience, acceptance and also master the tools needed to handle THOSE family members and all the Holiday hustle and bustle!
Great for beginners. Please wear comfortable clothes.

All Sales Final. No Refunds for Cancellations or No Shows.

Carmela Danna
Friday, December 13th
Join us as Rose hosts us in a healing circle with the miraculous power of the archangels. In this meditative workshop, you will be introduced to beautiful essential oils to help lift the energy in the room and to help lift your own vibration. Rose guides you into a heart opening relaxation visualization meditation as she calls in the archangels and introduces you to their unique healing powers. You will leave feeling grounded, healed, well rested, energized and with a written positive affirmation and angel card reading.
*There is no religious connotation to this workshop, all religions  welcome.
$30 per person ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY or call Gina @ 732-598-7368 to reserve you spot
All Sales Final. No refunds for cancellations or No shows
Rose Vitucci