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Workshop Schedule

All workshops are postponed until further notice



begins Friday April 17th through Friday May 1st
We can’t go to the park, we can’t go to the beach, why not take your mat outside to your backyard/sacred space and practice with us??
You will receive:
1) 15 DAYS of Yoga – choice of 20 classes per week
2) A STAR will be placed by your name for each class you come to on a Poster Board that will be displayed before all LIVESTREAM classes so you can track your progress!(we know how much you LOVED those STARS from the January Challenge)
3) Daily Affirmations will be provided in the Zoom link email
4) 10% discount on your next purchase of a class pack or Monthly Membership when you complete the challenge
5) Rebooting your Yoga Practice, finding strength, peace and harmony!
6) Opportunity to order T-Shirts “I survived the Quarantine 15 Yoga Challenge @ Beacon Yoga”
What you need to do to participate:
1) Email us at to enter you into the challenge
2) Sign up and complete for 15 classes via Mindbody between dates of Fri. April 17 -Fri. May 1st
3 choices to purchase
~ utilizing your Beacon Tribe Monthly AutoRenew membership
(email us to unfreeze your membership or to sign up for $89 Beacon Tribe AutoRenew please go to Online Store tab, click “Contract”)
. ~ purchase a $99 1 month Unlimited Yoga
. ~ purchase a special QUARANTINE 15 discount pricing – Per Class Pricing
15 livestream classes for $120 (same price as our 10 class pack)
*this pricing option has a 15 day expiration
3) Download Zoom to your device
4) Complete 15 classes within 15 Days – YES you can take 2 classes in 1 day!
Please feel free to reach out to Gina at with any questions or concerns