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Online Classes through Zoom App

We are now providing ONLINE CLASSES taught virtually by your Beacon Yoga Teachers!

Online Modified Schedule

Access to Online Classes

  1. Sign up for class through Mindbody as usual (current modified schedule)
  2. Download the “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” app on your phone or your computer will prompt you to download it.
  3. One Hour before your class time, you will receive a link sent through the email you use for your Mindbody Account.
  4. Set up a quiet space for yourself, play soft music, light incense, whatever makes you get that ‘studio feel’.
  5. Set up phone, iPad, computer (with camera) in front of your mat. Click on the link provided.
  6. A Zoom call will pop up with other students and your designated teacher for that class.
  7. Make sure your video is on “mute” (the microphone icon)
  8. Follow along with your hour class and keep the mind focused and body moving with the breath.
  9. Close link after class.
Download Zoom

Membership/Package Details

In order to keep our smallĀ  business up and running, all class packages and memberships are valid for all online classes. If you wish to NOT participate in online classes, we will freeze your membership/package until we reopen. If you choose to freeze your package you will NOT have access to any online classes.

Please email us at with subject “Freeze Package” in order to do so. We will only be freezing packages with a written email request.