Everyone pictures the sunlight streaming through the window. The bright orange sky, birds chirping. But I’ll tell you what a real pre-sunrise morning in the dead of a New Jersey winter is like. Reality? Check.

My alarm goes off at 5:11am (everyone knows snooze lasts 9 minutes) and in a flash 5:20am it goes offagain. I sneak a gaze at window down by the corner of my bed and only see a black sky. I double check the time thinking I got up too early but apparently my alarm clock is earlier than the sun’s.


It’s silent. I sometimes hear a car zooming past, a commuter drinking their coffee while knee driving down the street. The floorboards creak as I take my first steps, and I meander to the bathroom. Running water, a glance in the mirror, a silent screech from stepping on the plug from the hair dryer my sister left out.

I’m the first one to turn the kitchen light on, to see my parents’ beautiful house that was made a home. I put on the coffee, the first to taste this new day. I’m the one who blasts the heat in the car and wraps herself in a down coat, the first to go from cold to warm. I open the studio door, click the rice paper lanterns on, roll out my mat and sit down.

early morning savasana

It’s the only time in the whole day where being alone doesn’t mean lonely. There’s actually not even enough space to be alone. It’s way too crowded by Gratitude.

The brave students meander in, yawning through the sliding barn doors into a blanket of warmth and comfort. We get grounded, sit tall, breathe in, and breathe out.

6:01am surrounded by darkness. But we’re the lucky ones who get to light it up.


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