Hot or Not?

The differences of hot yoga vs. non- heated yoga

Close your eyes and picture yourself on a white sand beach, the warm air on your skin, the sun’s glowing rays, and the soothing sounds of the ocean. Keep them closed, then walk into our heated studio and roll out your mat. I bet you can barely tell the difference.
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A traditional non-heated yoga class has numerous benefits- increased flexibility (where do you think we all started?), massaging our internal organs through various poses and twists (like wringing out a wet sponge), and creating a quiet space for your mind in a world full of unrelenting noise, to name just a few. Turn up the heat to 90 degrees and 40% humidity, and those benefits skyrocket.


The Top 5 Benefits of Hot Yoga

  1. The heat softens your muscles, making them agile and flexible, so that you can reshape them into anything you want. (hello curves!)
  2. Heating your body before and during a workout decreases your chance of injury. The heat loosens your muscles and the looser your muscles are, the less chance they have of tightening up and straining during practice.
  3. Hot yoga is complimentary to other sports- it undoes all the damage we do by contact sports, weight lifting, running, or biking, by opening up the muscle tightness making you more agile for your exercise of choice.
  4. When you sweat during the yoga poses, the impurities are flushed out of the body through your pores in the skin, the largest organ of the body. (I like to think of it as wringing out a sponge, when you squeeze it tight all the toxins get flushed out and drained by the lymphatic system).
  5. Adding heat to Vinyasa (a type of yoga meaning “flow”) builds up strength in the body, increases heart rate, and leaves you feeling like you just finished a cardio workout (depending on the teacher of course).

Drink some water, eat a protein filled snack about 30 minutes before, and you’ll be ready to practice! No sweat 😉

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