Meet Our Teachers

Gina Zalewski
Gina ZalewskiRYT 200, RN
I began the journey of Yoga as a young working Mom of 3 looking for a tranquil space and a good workout, unbeknownst to me I would be embarking on a spiritual journey as well. Yoga has brought clarity when in a haze and peace when in chaos. It helped me connect to my truest self which was lost when I was so busy working as a NICU Nurse and taking care of my growing family. It actually helped me be a better person,wife ,mother,friend….. finding my breath amongst the flutter of activity that was and still is … my life. At the time my Yoga teacher Tina Conti Prinzloff made me feel empowered and I was able to fill up my energetic gas tank to forge ahead. As I grew in my practice, I headed to Yoga Journal Conferences taking classes with Sean Corne, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee and Bo Forbes.

Finally in 2012 I decided to do Yogaworks Teacher Training with an open mind and open heart. Two weeks before training my father died suddenly and little did I know at the time but Yoga helped me work through my unrelenting grief. Through Yoga I was also introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by a fellow student Lora Sasiela. The power of nature in all of its glory has helped me help others take charge of their own health and wellness. I believe people come in your life for a reason, to help you and teach you amazing things… if you are ready to receive it.

All of my Yoga teachers/friends have made a profound impact on my life and this is what I want to share in my studio and my classes. My intention is to help guide you ,the student back to your finest truest self. Find the connection between your heart and your mind and Help you reconnect with your inner wisdom that is always available to rediscover.

Rhianna Zalewski
Rhianna ZalewskiRYT 500
Rhianna Zalewski got her 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher training at Sid Yoga- a Baptiste- affiliated studio in Towson, Maryland where she went to college. She played Division I soccer for Towson University and converted into yoga consistently in her final year of school. She has been doing yoga since her teens, as it helped her become a better athlete, but found that it had a lot more to offer her. After her soccer career, she fell in love with not only the physical practice of yoga- but how it made her feel about herself. She has found more self-love, more love for others, and the practice has shown her how gratitude is one of the most important things in life. After teaching for 3 years, she decided she wanted to learn more about all the different aspects of yoga- from breathwork, meditation, to anatomy and yoga philosophy. She finished her 500 hour yoga teacher training through Red Lila Yoga School based in Baltimore in December 2018.

Rhianna’s classes are a more quick paced, fitness inspired power flow that keeps you moving with your breath. Her alignment cues and anatomical themes throughout class have you targeting certain muscle groups to increase strength and flexibility at the same time. Known for her early morning power classes, she makes you feel accomplished, strong, and ready to take on the day.

Janet Coughlin
Janet CoughlinRYT 200; Yoga Nidra; Chair Yoga
At age 53 Yoga and meditation has been a part of my life for over 10 years. My practices have helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless both on and off the mat. Yoga and meditation inspire me to live each moment more mindfully. Some believe you need to be flexible to do yoga, I believe the opposite to be true. It is through Yoga that we become more flexible. In my classes I offer gentle sequences with modifications for those with physical limitations, along with a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. Always a student of yoga I am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers (and students) have shared with me. With Yoga being a union between the mind and body and breath, I believe if you can breathe, you can do Yoga.
Jess Anderson
Jess AndersonRYT 200
I came into yoga for purposes of strengthening and relaxing my mind and body. I was stunned to find that yoga not only helped build muscle tone and strength but also transformed my heart, mind, spirit, relationships, and my entire life, all for the better! I completed my certification at Even Flow yoga in Red Bank, New Jersey with Christian Valeriani. Throughout my training I enjoyed learning and practicing yoga with all my instructors. I have had very inspirational teachers who helped me feel strong mentally, emotionally, and physically. My unconditional love and acceptance towards others, especially towards my students, and the practice of yoga continues to deepen. Yoga has miraculously transformed my life and I am very grateful to be teaching and enthusiastically sharing this miracle with others.
Sara Page Hall
Sara Page Hall300hr+ Registered Yoga teacher
SaraPage is ecstatic to be working at Beacon yoga! As a dedicated (Baptiste) Yogi, she loves to teach the JIP (Journey into Power) practice. She is a 300+ RYT with training from Karen Terrone with Baptiste’s 100 hour training, Expand your Power. Sara Page has competed many Baptiste programs, among them: Art of Assisting, Advanced Art of Assisting, Levels1 and 2 and is on board for Level 3 in November. She has also assisted in programs for Art of Assisting with Melissa Hayden Leach and taken Power Teacher training with Luca Richards.
Clearly Sara Page lives Baptiste Yoga! She will bring a challenging yet completely accessible class to you!!
Sharon Calder
Sharon CalderRYT 200, M.S. Ed.
I fell in love with the beauty, strength and peacefulness of yoga over 15 years ago. As a mom of three and a special education teacher, yoga inspired me to stay present, and mindful in every aspect of my life. I began to share the benefits I had experienced from yoga with my students in the classroom on a daily basis. This inspired me to pursue my passion in teaching yoga . In 2008, I received my certification in Radiant Child Yoga levels 1-3 with Shakta Khalsa. In 2013, I recieved my certification in Yoga for Special Needs children with Radiant Child Yoga in NYC.
I then continued my studies and completed my 200 hours RYT in Vinyasa Teacher training with yoga Alliance.
In 2018 I recieved my teacher training in yoga and mindfulness to tweens and teens with Bee You Yoga.
My mission is to help all ages, discover and embrace their inner strength and mindfulness as we move our bodies into a slow flow sequence. Learning to gain the union between movement and breath, while feeling inspired and energized along with a sense of calmness and peace, both on and off your mat. Namaste.
Kim Nesci
Kim Nesci Kids Yoga RYT
I am a life-long learner who is always seeking to learn new things. I graduated from Monmouth University with a degree in Early Childhood/Psychology. I went back to school twice for an advanced Master of Science Degree in Special Education and School Leadership. While working as a public school teacher, I was drawn to yoga myself. Through my hearts passion for early childhood, I received my Kids Yoga Certification in 2017. I believe yoga gives children the gifts they need to become confident life-long learners. I am so grateful for the gifts that yoga has personally given to me and I am excited to share those gifts with the children that I teach.
Maria Preuster
Maria Preuster Jivamukti 1000 Hour Senior Teacher
Maria graduated Jivamukti Teacher Training in 2001 amongst the last group to complete the year training at the NYC center. She had the privilege of apprenticing with Master Teacher and Jivamukti co-founder Sharon Gannon and received her advanced certification in 2005. Having taught for over 12 years at Jivamukti NYC she is known for her clear instruction and expertise in sequencing, alignment, and hands on assists. Her loving and disciplined style help create a mood in which one can work to surpass both physical and mental limitations safely. Maria has served as mentor to many Jivamukti teachers as well as at the 2009 teacher training at Omega Institute. She had the honor of being Director of Continuing Education for Jivamukti from 2009 to 2011. In addition to her yoga studies Maria graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2002 as a Holistic Health Counselor. Her health counseling and desire to heal her own disease through yoga and diet have led her to a high raw food lifestyle, which she specializes in teaching others. Recently re-locating to NJ with her husband and daughter Maria looks forward to making Jivamukti more available in Monmouth County and surrounding areas.
Autumn Dawson
Autumn Dawson200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher
My yoga journey started in 2009 when I walked into a studio for the first time, not knowing what to expect and with no intentions. Little did I know that it would change my life forever. My practice quickly progressed to a daily routine, and that’s when I knew I wanted to share yoga’s great benefits through teaching it to others. I attended the Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher Training, where I was able to combine my education in Science and my professional experience as a teacher to help others focus on alignment and maximize the asanas benefits. Since then I have continued to learn and grow as both a student and teacher. I believe yoga has the unique ability to allow the mind to shift focus and adjust one’s perception about the world around us. I appreciate how the asanas in a vinyasa flow require complete dedication of our bodies and can lead us to more mindful way of living. I am truly grateful for my practice and am excited to share my yoga experience with everyone!
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher
Hey there! I’m Lauren, a wedding photographer and hot yoga instructor who is obsessed with green tea, the beach, and savasana! I discovered yoga about a year and a half ago by spontaneously attending a class with a friend. As I was working through my flow that day, I will never forget the incredible amount of strength I felt come out from within along with the beautiful peace I encountered during the final savasana. I remember turning to my friend as we walked out of class and saying, “Everyone needs this in their life!”. It was from that day on, that I knew I needed to make this practice a part of my every day routine and a few months later, I made the decision to become a certified yoga teacher to inspire and share this beautiful light with other students. I received my 200hr RYT certification from YOUnique Yoga and most would describe my yoga style is relaxing, strengthening, and fun! My goal for you is to walk out of class feeling stress free, strong, and at peace.
Emily Brennan
Emily Brennan200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher
Emily is a 200-hour RYT. She originally came to yoga for the physical benefits of the practice, but after her first class she realized it was much more than just the visible benefits. The mental clarity she received from the practice, after just her first time practicing, is what kept her coming back. She craved the “high” she felt after every class. She quickly realized that connecting the mind and body with breath allows you to go through life with more ease. Yoga helped Emily dig herself out of a hole she found herself in. The practice gave Emily one hour a day to herself, and in turn she was able to give her loved ones a better version of herself the rest of the day. After just her first week practicing yoga, she instantly knew she needed to become a yoga teacher. She had to share the gift of well being with others. Emily has currently completed a 200 hour Teacher Training at Drishti Power Yoga with Christine Aspen. She has also done a few workshops to broaden her knowledge of yoga. Emily puts her students first and wants to be a stand for them.