About Beacon Yoga

Our Studio

We are a family run, community based, affordable yoga studio in the heart of Freehold, NJ. Gina & Rhianna, a mother-daughter duo, decided to open up this studio in hopes to bring yoga to those who never believed yoga was for them. We believe yoga is for every BODY, and we inspire to be that beacon of light to those who need to find more self-love and gratitude in their everyday life. We have hand-picked inspiring teachers so that everyone can find a class that enlightens the darker spaces of our lives.  We’re here in support of our neighbors, family, and new friends in order to provide you with the space away from all our stress filled, busy lives.

“People have asked me what type of yoga that I do, and why it works for me, but I think that the most important thing is finding the right teacher for you. Anyone can go to yoga and decide if they liked it or not, but once you find the right class and the right teacher that you resonate with, it can send you on a journey of self-transformation.” -Gina Zalewski (Owner, RN, RYT)

“I believe that everyone deserves to feel self love. Yoga is a way to find that. I believe it’s a necessity to find this healthy- selfishness, to give yourself the time to do something for you everyday. As a society, we tend to worry about everyone else. No matter what type of yoga you’re doing, it allows you to focus on just you– and that’s a right you deserve to have. ” -Rhianna Zalewski (Owner, RYT)

There is a teacher for you. There is a class for you. There is a space for you. Let us be the light that guides you there. This is Beacon Yoga.

Our Instructors

We have a variety of well-educated inspiring instructors all with a minimum of 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certifications and many years of experience.


Our Classes

Our integrated studio is composed of safe, alignment based heated & non-heated yoga classes. Beacon Yoga has yoga for every BODY.